Resuscitation highlights in 2017の中で、JEAN studyを用いた「日本国内における7年間の気道管理の変化」に関する論文が取り上げられました。
Goto Y, Goto T, Hagiwara Y, et al. Techniques and outcomes of emergency airway management in Japan: an analysis of two multicentre prospective observational studies,2010–2016. Resuscitation 2017;114:14–20.

>There is increasing interest in the use of videolaryngoscopy for tracheal intubation during cardiac arrest. An analysis of two Japanese multicentre prospective observational studies between 2010 and 2016 that included 10, 927 emergency department intubations (4426 for cardiac arrest) observed that videolaryngoscopy was used for 2% of intubation attempts in 2010 and 40% in 2016